Chapter 3: Activation Sequence

Hey Rat Friends! We are coming to the end of humanity and the rise of a new struggle.

Listening Accompaniment: Activation Sequence

Following the failure of the Temporal Waves Fluctuation Apparatus, Hegemony Earth concentrated their sparse resources in creating machines to combat the Plague Bearers. The PathoGenesis program was initiated as a last ditch attempt to save the human race. Their priorities were two-fold, combat the Plague Bearers in open warfare, and provide medical assistance to affected humans.

In an attempt to protect those remaining from being befouled by the Plague Bearers, the creation of the PathoGenesis robots was rushed to completion. Testing of the program was minimal and many thought it was dangerous to move forward. Ignoring the cries of protest, Hegemony Earth shipped the medical warbots to all remaining strongholds in the world.

July 30, 2185

The PathoGenesis program was brought online at 6 am. Whirring gears and mechanical clicks filled the air as the robots rose from their transportation containers. Cheers rose as humanity saw a possible future. Those cheers quickly faltered as the humans realized something was wrong. Their mechanical saviors grabbed those humans nearest them and tore them limb from limb. Mass hysteria rose across the globe and was immediately silenced.

On that fateful summer day humanity was destroyed. The flawed coding in the PathoGenesis system saw the humans as the threat, and ignored the Plague Bearers altogether. The Plague Bearers were in awe of these metallic creatures that had annihilated their enemies. Enormous monolithic statues were erected by the Plague Bearers to worship their shiny new gods. A new religion was born that day.

But all was not well.

There was one that would oppose these mechanical deities. An outcast of his people. The Unholy Rat King.

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Expect more stories explaining the rise of the Rat King with each of the seven tracks!

As always keep it creepy, keep it 80’s, and stay synthy.


Chapter 2: Paradox- Time Quake

Welcome back Rat Friends. Let’s take a look at what these crazy humans are up to this week.

Listening Accompaniment: Paradox: Time Quake

Two years have passed since the formation of Hegemony Earth. Human numbers have been dwindling with constant attacks from the Plague Bearers. Humanity has been drawing closer to a centrally located mega-city in Eastern Europe. The world’s top minds have been rounded up in an attempt to create machinery to assist in fighting the plague, as well as a functional time travel machine, in an attempt to stop the bomb from dropping.

Industry had all but ground to a halt following the introduction of the plague. Scavenging parts from a once thriving Earth, scientists have created the Temporal Waves Fluctuation Apparatus, the first successful attempt at time travel instrumentation. The combined world military has chosen a team of elites to attempt traveling back to investigate, and prevent, the current plight.

It is a cold and rainy day when the six man Team Alpha arrives at the TWFA warehouse to begin their trip. Tensions are high as final preparations are made, buttons are pushed and a loud thunderous whirring noise kicks in. Team Alpha steps on the pad and the TWFA blasts a pulsating light. Team Alpha has been transported two years into the past.

Thirty seconds pass and the TWFA lets out a deafening roar and Team Alpha, or what is left of them, has returned. Dismembered body parts lay scattered on the arrival pad. The only one cognizant enough to speak is the Team Alpha leader. The scientists rush to his side and all he can do is yell, “Don’t go back! Never go back! Too many paradoxes!” Then, he pulls the pin on the fragmentation grenade. An explosion rocks the warehouse destroying what remained of Team Alpha and the TWFA along with it. Years of research have been lost with no explanation as to why.

Hegemony Earth has now begun to throw what meager resources that remain into another venture. An army of medical robots is slowly being produced to fight both the plague and the Plague Bearers while protecting humanity.

More on that next time. Thanks again Rat Friends for checking out my stories.

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Chapter 1: Prelude to the War

Listening Accompaniment: Safety in Numbers

The year was 2180. It was a hot and oppressive August afternoon when the bomb dropped. For the longest time, mutually assured destruction had always just been something that was spoken about on the evening news. The idea was always that nukes in the hands of all the first world countries would prevent them from being launched. No one expected the attack to be biological in nature. The thing was, it didn’t affect humans. This particular cocktail of chemicals did monstrous things to the common rat population.

At first the humans did not know what to do. The attack was worldwide, and no country would confess to pushing the big red button. In a matter of days, rats around the world began mutating into humanoid, hulking berserkers with a taste for human flesh and a plague coursing through their veins that could kill in days.

The immediate response was to point fingers and close borders. It took six months of struggling to find safety with massive casualties before nations attempted any sort of joint effort. Hegemony Earth was created with the intent to filter those who could still draw breath into major cities and fortify them from attack. Any surrounding areas soon became wasteland. Enormous steel walls were erected and gates were manned by anyone capable of holding a weapon. Sewers were blockaded in an attempt to prevent subterranean attacks from the Plague Bearers.

Most military forces had already been obliterated in an attempt to stand toe to toe with the Plague Bearers. Breaches of the multitudinous tunnels weaving their way beneath every major city were inevitable. Roving patrols of armed guards did their best to stave off daily attacks. The plague was spreading only slightly more slowly than it had in the beginning. Occupants began traveling in large groups in a hope that they could defend themselves in the event of a breach. They were wrong. There was no safety in numbers.

Thanks for reading along Rat Friends. Tune in next time and see what those silly humans come up with to try and salvage what remains of their race.

As always keep it creepy, keep it 80’s, and stay synthy.